Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Rebirth of Cougs

White Smoke?

I started this blog as a forum to discuss and focus on College of Charleston sports-mainly basketball and baseball-but I will do my best to spread the wealth around to the other Cougar team sports and news that I hear coming from George Street. The College of Charleston has the distinction as the oldest Municipal College in America, but we continue to grow and develop into a premier institution for a liberal arts education, as well as a producing pretty tough teams to face on the hardwood and on the diamond. Unfortunately, the College doesn’t get a lot of press-coverage, so that is where this blog will try to find its’ niche.

It is a very exciting time at the College-we just made a big splash naming our new school president, Dr. George Benson and just as big of a splash-in the sporting world-naming Coach Bobby Cremins as our new head basketball coach. You are going to hear a lot about Coach Bobby Cremins for the next few months, so I’ll spare you the intro here. Most people would be anxious having lost their school head basketball coach and school president in the same year, but I was confident that "white smoke" would come out of the Randolph Hall Chimney and everything would be all right.

Will this blog be loved by the folks on George Street? No. Will it be sanctioned by the College? Highly doubtful, I plan on staying true to the principles I learned at the College-questioning authority with raw observations never seems to go over well with administration types, and “the squares” hate seeing pictures of cheerleaders and other miscellaneous forms of pulchritude from the target rich environment of which we live. That door swings both ways, if you want to comment-do it! If you want the CofC Fan to address certain questions or sports articles-send them to me!

Don’t get me wrong, I am here to have fun and I am ready to watch the Cougars kick some ass! Go Cougs!

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DCSportsChick said...

Hi Jet! Glad you finally started a blog- looking forward to reading it!