Monday, November 27, 2006

Kentucky vs College of Charleston (Actors Notable Graduates)

As we lay it all to measure this week, I thought that it would be interesting to compare and contrast the Wildcats to the Cougars in different aspects. Here we have to notable grads from both schools in the field of acting.

Representing the Wildcats, my girlfriend (but of course, she doesn't know it) Ms. Ashley Judd

(Photo compliments of our friends at Palmetto Sports)

Representing the Cougars, Mr. Orlando Jones (Class of 1990)

Orlando has starred in such movies as Bedazzled, Magnolia, The Replacements, Office Space and Runaway Jury.

Obviously, the point goes to Kentucky and Ms. Judd.


Anonymous said...

I can hear it now, kept man-Jet Judd

Anonymous said...

Did you not see Orlando in Bedazzled? I think he deserves points for his numerous roles in that flick. 7-Up Yours!

Madman! said...

Hey, we got that Greg dude from Dharma and Greg. I think. I dunno, maybe I just heard that or made it up or something...

Jay-Bird said...

hmmm...orlando WAS in office space, so that's a huge plus....but i'll have to go with kentucky again. Jay-Bird