Monday, November 27, 2006

College of Charleston vs Kentucky (Miss USA)

Another comparison for you home gamers out there, who has the best beauty queen?

Representing the College of Charleston is Miss USA 1994, Frances Louise Parker (1990) who beat the odds and spent her summer off from teaching to enter the Miss America Contest.

Representing Kentucky is Miss USA 2006, Tara Elizabeth Conner. Actually, the fact checkers here at CofC Sports Fan didn't have a chance to fact-check to see if Ms. Conner graduated from UK, but due to time restraints we'll have to go with it.

This one is a toss up, I have a soft spot in my heart for blondes with cute smiles, but Lu is Charleston's own, so discuss it amongst yourselves.


Anonymous said...

I like Kentucky, personally....especially given the fact that she's at least 10 years younger

Anonymous said...

Both hot, but I agree, go younger instead of older. Let's see a picture of Lu Parker (2006)