Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Steph Curry the Wildcat Weapon!

At 6 foot-180 pounds, Dell Curry's kid, Steph, doesn't seem that imposing, but pound for pound, he just might be one of the best freshmen in the NCAA. We held him to 2-points in the first half but he did something that most freshmen don't do after being shut-down; he had a "Horatio Alger Jr transformation" while in the locker room and came out gunning-putting 22-points on the board in the second half.

Sadly, this kid is a freshman and we don't have an answer to this part of Davidson's attack as of yet. But (and I am just throwing this out there as somewhat of a long-shot) Dell Curry does have another son, who is more talented on the court than the first scion of Charlotte. Could you imagine if he chooses the College of Charleston as his destination for greatness? (Photo compliments of the Davidson Basketball Blog)

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