Monday, February 12, 2007

Davidson Game Hype: Bob vs Bobby

Davidson coach Bob McKillop is known as the Coach K of the SoCon-I am assuming because like Duke, his teams always seem to get the right guys and the right calls to go there way, and everyone in the SoCon just as everyone in the ACC hates Duke-and the whinniest coach in the SoCon. Coach Bob is one of those "big fish small pond" guys afraid of the big league and carries just enough self-promotion to claim himself as the coach in the SoCon having the most wins, with an all-time 303-217 (.593%) record after 18-years. Coach Bob is 10-3 vs the College. (Photo compliments of the Davidson Basketball Blog)

Despite the nonsense you hear from the liberal Davidson media, Coach Bobby Cremins is the coach in the SoCon with the most wins (all-time: 471-315/ @ CofC: 17-8) and the best winning percentage (all-time in 26 years on the side-line .599% @ the College .680%). Coach Cremins has a lifetime record of 8-2 against Davidson.

Our friend, WB, over at the Davidson basketball blog offered this caveat to Gene Sapakoff, in regards to his "Bring on Davidson" comment, "Careful what you wish for." I offered WB the same caveat when he thought to comment on the building of the new Carolina First Center-"I'd love for them to have 5,000+ present to see Davidson put a beat-down on them in Charleston every year. That would be wonderful!" Indeed WB, you should be careful what you wish for.

I will give credit to Davidson, they rebuilt their team with a young squad that I am sure the Cougs will have the pleasure of beating for 3 to 4 more years. But let's see how Stephen Curry handles the cozy setting of 3,500 Maroons in the Kresse Arena before jumping to conclusions. Go Cougs!


WB said...

Glad to see you getting warmed up over here. This is great stuff.

I'm not going to begin comparing our respective coaches. I'll take mine any day, and I'm sure you will take yours. I think we can agree that we have the two best coaches in the league...we just may not agree on who is 1 and who is 2. :-)

My thoughts on Bob being at DC for 18 years:
Bob has not been afraid to pursue other opportunities at a higher level. He has. But, for whatever reason, things just never did work out for any of those jobs (St. Johns, N.C. State for example). He also had his son playing for him for the past 4 years, which was certainly a factor. Now he's almost too old to get much attention from schools that want a younger coach to come in and stay for a long time. The perception would likely be that he would not be around for the long haul and that hurts his chances.

Also, at this point, with the way things are going at Davidson, there is alot of optimism that the program could possibly (stress possibly) get to that elite mid-major level somewhat like Gonzaga has enjoyed the past few years. Lifting the program to that level would be unbelievable. However, to do that, Davidson will continue to have to deal with the Cougars.

I hope that, if Davidson is able to reach that elite mid-major level, that Charleston can get there, too, and make the SoCon a two-bid conference. Having a Davidson/Charleston matchup be on the national radar would be a dream come true.

WB said...

I'm itching to make the drive to Charleston from Greenville for the game, but there are no tickets available.

Any ideas? You have an extra?

Shoot me an email if you have any ideas or know hwo to get a ticket:

wibryan said...

I think that it's funny that this blog has devoted almost a third of its posts on the homepage to coverage of two games: Davidson/CofC I and II. For all of the people around the SoCon that hate Davidson and their cocky coach so much, everyone sure does love talking about us. I mean even Gene Sapakoff thinks that we have better student fans (he didn't say it outright, but you knew that was what he was thinking).

ジェームズ said...

Like I said, I don't always agree with Gene Sapakoff-today's article didn't sit well with me. Sure, I give you, WB and your Wildcats attention, mainly because I haven't found other schools with informed fans who blog about their beloved institutions.

wibryan said...

This time of year people realize how unique the College of Charleston and Davidson are when looking at the Southern Conference. It would be a shame for anyone other than those two to be in the NCAA tourney this year. Good luck tonight and whip those distracted students into shape. I will see you when I come down for the tourney. Thanks for giving the blog some lovin.