Monday, February 12, 2007

CofC vs Davidson tonight at 7 pm, the final installment of the "Rivalry postings"

In recent years the Southern Conference has taken a lot of heat for not being a very savvy and competitive basketball conference. I disagree with other sports commentators’ efforts to take away from the SoCon as it seems to me that despite a few lack-luster candidates, the SoCon is every bit as competitive as the ACC, just on a smaller scale. Tonight the two darlings (the College of Charleston and Davidson) of the SoCon face each other for the 51st time. (Click here for the College of Charleston basketball game notes.)

Davidson (21-4, 12-1 SoCon) have won 5 straight games (17 of their last 18 games). The Wildcats killed UT-Chattanooga by 30-points in their last game, this just a few weeks after Coach Bob McKillop won his 300th game as head coach for the Wildcats-a 20-point win over Western Carolina. Coach McKillop’s name is even being tossed around as Coach of the Year by ESPN. With freshman guard Stephen Curry dropping an average of 20.1 buckets ppg and junior point-guard Jason Richards averaging 14 ppg and 7.6 assists per game, McKillop’s team is young and talented, meaning the College will see a lot more of these guys for the next few years.

It recently came to my attention that I put more emphasis on this game than any other-excluding Kentucky. As impartial as I try to be, there is a definite difference in the way that I approach this game in comparison to others, and here is why. The College of Charleston and Davidson basketball teams are both talented mid-majors that I believe deserve the chance to Dance in March. Both teams have a knowledgeable and devout fan base-of both the game of basketball and general manners of consideration when interacting between each other schools, which makes the banter between fans and the games that much more enjoyable.

Which brings me to my final reasoning the CofC vs. Davidson basketball gets so much hype here on the CofC Sports Fan-an apt adversary (make that two) in the blogosphere. happens to be part of my motivation to start the CCSF. He began the blog as a way to get out information for his school and I thought what a brilliant idea-to start a forum to keep friends, fellow alums and those with "Cougar interests" informed. He and I have developed a mutual respect for one another and I will do my best to chaperone him at tonight’s game. Also in the mix is the color coordinator for the Wildcat’s Will Bryan. Between the two, they have a way of keeping me legit on my end and they add fuel to the fire of the growing rivalry between our two fine institutions. By all means, stay informed and check out their blogs for a unique approach to the Rivalry!

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