Monday, February 12, 2007

Despite the loss and Sapakoff's remarks, the Maroon Nation looked great tonight!

I know, Gene Sapakoff wanted to give our fans a "B-Ball Fans 101 Class", but I for one don't think that it is needed. Sorry Gene, but your comments were unwarranted and out of touch. Have you missed the white-haired members of the Maroon Nation?

The car-keys shaking in unison as the chant, "Hey, hey, hey, good-bye" is uniformly sung by the student-section?

But I am sure Mr. Sapakoff is right. In fact, we should ask Dontaye about the base-line at the Citadel; I was there for the game and the cadets were too busy studying to make any noise to intimidate the Cougars! Get a grip Gene!

Had you attended the Citadel vs. CofC game at McAllister Field House you would have heard the same thing, as when your Editor received your lackluster
(Photos of the team, cheerleaders and the Maroon Nation compliments of the Bushido)

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