Friday, January 5, 2007

Where's the Buzz?

When F. Marion Busby wrote the Rissa Kerguelen and Tregare Holzein series of Science-Fiction novels, "Busby's theme was one of human brutality on an institutional scale and how it inevitably shapes the very people who will eventually fight against it." How does this foreshadow or translate to the arrival of arguably the first Division 1 player, adorned with a gold-tooth, taboo-tattoo and one of the most graceful shoots to arrive at a "school primarily populated with preppies" and a hard-nose New Yorker leading this institution's side-line?

Evidently, the College of Charleston's Marion Busby survived the basketball-brutality of the Kresse-Era to become the 6th All-time Scorer in CofC history. Ken Burger took a trip up Hwy-17 to visit Busby at his family business, Pawley's Island Golf to catch up with the Buzz. (Click here for the full article). He and his wife, Melanie, whom he met at CofC, run their family business and are grooming their 3 sons, Justin (8), Jaylen (6) and Trey (2) to hopefully wear the Maroon and White one day.
Busby averaged 13.5 ppg, (29-points vs Cremins' Ga. Tech) and is 6th All-times scorer in CofC history. Marion is 4 Sociology credits away from finishing his degree and having his #5 jersey hanging from the rafters. Mr. Busby, the CofC Sports Fan and the Maroon-Faithful hope that you find it in your heart to return and finish those last 4-credits during summer school. You never quit as a player, you should keep that same integrity and will power off the court. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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