Saturday, January 6, 2007

Davidson Wildcats the smartest kids on the hardcourt!

In the world of College Basketball recruiting is the building-blocks of the program. Coaches dispatch their assistants to travel the country and occassionally cross the "Pond" to look for the next players to lead their programs. This brings us to the issue that faces the scholastically "elite" schools and their chances to be competitive without lowering their standards.

The College of Charleston's Class of 2008 has an average SAT scores of 1240 (in-state) and 1280 (out-of-state)-the 2nd highest in the state of South Carolina. The Davidson Wildcats' average student SAT score is 1,360-the average SAT score for a Davidson basketball player is 1,370. I'll give it to Davidson on this one, those kids are smart.

(Picture of the Bushido's friend and Davidson graduate ('02) Susanne Leath, with her friends après baccalaureate-Alexandra Douhit, Ann Ballengery, Christiane Leisman courtesy of

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