Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Coach Cremins showlighted on tonight's "around the South" on FOX Sports Network

A post dedicated to the male CofC Sports Fans out there: I just finished watching the FSN and"Best Damn Hooters Dream Girl Special" airing tonight and January 10th @ 11 pm. The competition is between 16 of the hottest Hooters Girls for the cover of the "Best Damn Hooters Dream Girl Calendar" front page. Click here to vote for your favorite girl! Afterwards as I was posting on the Bushido, I saw that Coach Bobby Cremins' return to the hardwood is one of the segments in tonight's "Around the South" on FSN South.

"Bobby Cremins has the College of Charleston fired up! He's back in the game and loving every minute of it!"
Cremins looked great tonight, almost as good as the Hooter's models in the above photos. The interview covered our beloved Cougars winning 6-in a row, and Cremins' return to basketball: 1) He loves the game, 2) Wanted to get back into coaching, 3) The Opportunity came available and he said, "What the heck, why not take a leap and go on a new adventure."
The Magic Wand
Coach Cremins explained that it is not easy to get back in the fight and that everyone thought he'd come to Charleston wave a magic wand and everything would be copacetic. He knew it would be tough, but he didn't want to ruin the enthusiasm of the fans in Maroon faithful.
"This is not about Bobby Cremins it about helping the College of Charleston"
Coach Cremins' initial goals for the Cougs were to win a SoCon regular season title and then a SoCon Tournament and to dance in March. But now, his most important goal for the Cougs is to help the team find their identity as a team and to get this team clicking. "It is hard-work doing things right and being honest with yourself, but that is what will make this team the foundation of the Bobby Cremins Era at the College of Charleston.


Dave said...

Good luck to your boys tonight, from a lifelong Davidson fan.

JET said...

Thanks, but we needed more than luck Saturday night.