Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cougs Couldn't Stop UNC-G's (#42) Kyle Hines

The Cougs trailed by 10 at the half, but the Spartans wouldn't put the brakes on in the second half. With the return of Jeremy Simmons, one would have expected the College of Charleston to have an answer for the Spartan's big men: Sellers, Wall, Mitchell, Hines and Pete Brown off the bench, but we didn't. I quit scoring the game half-way through, so I am not sure how many points Hines put on the board, but I do know this, he controlled the paint and our beloved Cougs didn't have an answer.


Anonymous said...

Hines put up 32 points

josh said...

it was apparently obvious that we have some weakness on the perimeter which leads to some definite problems down low. i think, and know, our guys are more than capable of handling these types of teams. we have the speed and the agility to keep up with them.

i don't know if were too young and can't pick up the play, but they just repeatedly ran the same play all night.

hopefully we can figure something out by sat.