Sunday, September 1, 2013

Clemson beats Georgia for the first time since 1990

Indeed, I had to mention Clemson's victory over the Georgia Bulldogs last night! Georgia's defense was aggressive & stingy for being as young as they are. The Bulldogs' offense was solid & what you would expect from a top 5 team. That being said, Clemson is legit! I'm not a Clemson fan, I know a lot of you are but I have to admit, Clemson is legit! They have the speed & now thanks to Offensive Coach Chad Morris the offensive plan & schemes to take on anyone in their conference.

Glad it is back
Clemson & Georgia used to play every year (it seemed) and I told
a Clemson Fan friend-of-mine that in order for Clemson to be taken seriously each year they needed to play a team like Georgia every year! And now, Clemson is being taken seriously! 

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