Saturday, November 17, 2007

CofC makes record comeback to defeat Temple!

On our second excursion into the local bar scene to watch the Cougs on ESPNU, the “James Edward” Trio headed to George’s Sports Bar to catch last nights’ CofC basketball game against Temple in their second game of the O’Reilly Auto Parts ESPNU Puerto Rico Tipoff.

It’s never a good vibe when you get some 5-Star-A-hole Memphis fan old enough to be your father talking smack to you about your team when your beloved Cougs are trailing by 25 at the half (50-25), turning the ball over or when they continue to throw up the trey as soon as they begin trailing. In fact, sometimes you just have to be the better person, remain calm and seated in order for the aforementioned degenerate to step away from your table and to get out of your face. (Full disclosure: Indeed, if the Cougs weren’t 2-12, 16.7% from behind the arc in the first half, I probably wouldn’t complain about this sort of rookie mistake).

And the beatings will continue
I am not quite sure what I did to disrupt my Karma points that night, but it seemed one bad play, one bad pass and one terribly rushed shot happened right after another. And this obnoxious “distinguished” Memphis guy has now entered the, “I know Bobby Cremins and he isn’t going to stay at the College but one more year”. Good grief, someone put a lid on this guy.

Our server seemed to bring the gloom as well: What’s that? No Bobby Cremins Show here at George’s Sports Bar this year. George sold the bar. Oh and there having the B.C. Show at California Dreaming this season; oh that seems like a great spot. Assuming no where else is available. But alas, none of this sports-bar hazing was a joke and the Cougars looked young and behind the eight ball throughout the first half. But on a bright note: at least they are hitting 83.3% from the charity stripe!

Don't call it a comeback
I am not sure if Coach Cremins gave the guys a dose of LL Cool Jay’s “Momma Said” at the half but the Cougs came out a little rusty but then all of the sudden became a more mature and developed team. Boom, I have been here for years! Tony White Jr. lowering the number of turnovers, getting the extra pass and the extra look, and dropping 3 from behind the arc. Antwaine Wiggins would become more of an offensive threat, the big men are getting angry in the paint and the team as a whole looked more fluid. The Cougars are back in this game, tying the score at 76 with 46 seconds left on the clock as Jermaine Johnson dropped his second attempt from the charity stripe (are you all watching this?) Jermaine is 5 for 6 from the foul line and the Cougs just made their largest comeback in team history.*

Momma Said!
Oh please don’t break my heart guys! Don’t tease us Cougars! Please don’t tease us. Ryan Brooks had just hit a trey less than a minute ago to give the Owls the lead, are they looking for him again? Luis Guzman just re-entered the game for the Owls. (Is that the same Luis Guzman from the show John From Cincinnati? Dang, that guy is good, nope, different Luis Guzman.) The Owls call a time-out and then rebound the ball to their high-scorer Dionte Christmas (31-points), he misses from the field. Cougs bring the ball down court with 12-seconds left, ball to Dustin Scott who drops it a three-ball at the buzzer! Count it! Cougs Win! Cougs Win! Now if that doesn’t make the ESPN Highlights tonight I will be pissed. (Note: Scott’s buzzer beater did make the ESPN Plays of the Day Highlights)

* On December 15, 2001, the Cougs were down 35-18 @ UNC-W before staging their comeback for a 60-58 win, a record response overcoming a 17-point deficit, which is now surpassed.

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Macon Man said...

Houston (2-1) vs. College of Charleston (1-2)
By Sports Network
GAME NOTES: Shooting for their second straight win, the Cougars from the College of Charleston close out their stay in San Juan this afternoon with a cat fight against the Houston Cougars in the final round of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. After losing back-to-back contests to the likes of UNC-Wilmington and nationally-ranked Arkansas to begin the 2007-08 campaign, Charleston bounced back on Friday and stole a 79-76 decision from the Temple Owls. As for the Cougars from the Lone Star State, they bounced back from a difficult 73-72 loss to VCU on Thursday with a 64-59 triumph over Marist in this tournament on Friday. With respect to the all-time series between these two schools on the hardwood, this is the first-ever meeting.
Although he made just 5-of-14 shots from the field, including 3-of-9 beyond the arc, Robert McKiver still accounted for a team-high 17 points for the Cougars in their victory over Marist on Friday. Brockeith Pane chipped in 15 points and Zamal Nixon chipped in nine points off the bench to make up for the fact that the starting trio of Dion Dowell (12 rebounds), Tafari Toney and Lanny Smith combined for only 20 points along the way. After three games McKiver leads the team with his 17.7 ppg, followed by Pane who has delivered 17.0 ppg. However, the former is shooting just 37.1 percent from the field and 9-of-26 beyond the arc, while the latter has converted 5-of-8 shots from three-point range and has been slightly more critical of his shot selections. Trailing opponents by close to six rebounds per game in the early going, Dowell (14.3 ppg) sometimes appears to be all alone in his desire to balance the scales, resulting in his team-best 8.3 rpg.

Never one to doubt his own team, head coach Bobby Cremins still had to be amazed at the resiliency of his Charleston squad as they battled back from a 50-25 halftime deficit to capture a three-point win against Temple on Friday. As far as the most impressive part about the win is concerned, it is a toss-up between Dustin Scott's three-point buzzer beater at the end or the largest halftime deficit ever overcome by the Cougars. Coming off the bench, Scott finished with eight points in 24 minutes, trailing four of his teammates who dropped in double digits, beginning with Antwaine Wiggins and his 17 points. Tony White added 15 points, Jermaine Johnson 13 and Donovan Monroe 11 points. The squad has had a different player lead them in scoring in all three games this season, leaving Andrew Goudelock still atop the scoring list for the time being with his 13.3 ppg. The balanced scoring attack shows five players hitting for double digits, but for some reason Wiggins (10.7 ppg) continues to fancy himself a three-point threat even though he has connected on just 4-of-16 out on the perimeter.

Other than causing announcers fits as they try to follow the feline folly, this game should be interesting to say the least. One has to wonder how much Charleston has left in the tank after such an emotional victory and whether or not Houston is going to make a stronger impression on the glass.