Monday, September 24, 2007

Magnolia Electric Company playing tonight at the Village Tavern in Mt. Pleasant 8:00 pm

It was about four years ago when Jay-Bird passed me Jason Molina's (link to My-Space Page), aka: Songs Ohia) album Magnolia Electric Company and Pyramid Electric Company-both had been recently released despite being conceived as a box-set. Jay-Bird told me, "I think you are going to like it, smooth and strong like Neil Young. Plus, Molina is from Loraine, Ohio and I know how you like those Buckeye-Bands (i.e. The Black Keys & O.A.R.)." Dang, calling out a fellow CofC Sports Fan on the O.A.R. as if he didn't dig "Crazy Hand of Poker" in college. Regardless, I liked the albums so much that I played out two copies of the album Magnolia Electric Company and just backed up a copy on my iTunes on Friday to help prepare for tonight's show. I have a handful of other Molina's albums on my iTunes, but for some reason MEC just gets me, great driving music by the way if you ever happen to be on a long road trip. (Photo from the band's My-Space page)

I digress; Molina is touring as Magnolia Electric Company (link to My-Space Page) with Michael Kapinus (keys, trumpet, voice), Mark Rice (drumset), Jason Groth (guitar & voice), & Mackie "Loosejeans" Hotpepper (bass) and they will be play tonight at the Village Tavern in Mt. Pleasant @ 8:00 pm.

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