Saturday, March 3, 2007


Dontaye Draper led the Cougars with 38-points, setting a new career-high and new record for the most points scored by a Cougar in a basketball game! His 8 baskets from behind the arc tied his career-high. But our team's leader just didn't get it done on the offensive-side of the ball in his 43-minutes of play; he held App's leader DJ Thompson to 2 of 16 (Thompson scored his 2 baskets in OT).

The CofC Sports Fan's Dontaye Cheer:
All right Maroon Nation, we need to come together on the cheer for Dontaye. I am not sure if I can take credit for it because my collegiate career is still a bit fuzzy, but the boys and I did this back when we did the "Hide your love away" when Dontaye was a sophomore or junior, like I said, still a bit fuzzy. The cheer for Dontaye goes to the tune of the Olay-soccer chant, just sub in Dontaye's name for Olay. Per example: Dontaye-Dontaye-Dontaye...Dontaye...Dontaye.... Dontaye-Dontaye-Dontaye....Dontaye...Dontaye...Dontaye!

Because they need them as much as we need them...
I know that Gene Sapakoff knocked the Maroon Nation for lacking in cohesive support for our beloved Cougars, but let's prove old Gene wrong and get out to the North Charleston Coliseum to support the Cougars tonight! You could watch it from the comfort of your own home on ESPN 2, but the Cougars just might need the hometown crowd to add a little more gas in the tank to help punch our ticket to the Big Dance! Go Cougs!

Draper's stats against Appalachian State
Field Goals: 10-20
3Pts: 8-12
Rebounds: 4
Assists: 4
Total Points: 38

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