Monday, July 30, 2007

Matt Sundberg makes a verbal commitment to play for the College of Charleston

Harrison High School standout, Matt Sundberg made a verbal commitment on July 30, 2007 to come to the College after his senior year of high school 2008. Sundberg is a 6-6, 175 pound small forward from Kennesaw, Georgia, who plays with the AAU Atlanta Celtics (White) and the Inter strength (black) traveling teams in Georgia Under-17 squads.

Press evaluation of Matt: "The 6-foot-5 wing from Harrison High School can stroke it from the wing but his understanding of the game makes his team better and helps the offense flow. He'll be a name to follow throughout the July period."

Youth Prep Star evaluated Sundberg as a "talented shooter who runs the court well".

Sundberg was recruited by Georgia, Univ. of South Carolina
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Construction Progress on Cougarminiums!

Since it is summer and there isn't much going on, I thought I would share these updated pictures of what I like to call the Cougarminiums (aka, the old George Street Garage). I don't regret the single house downtown Charleston as an upper-classman, but these Cougarminiums are pretty tony, downtown abodes! (Photos by Jed Trabert)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Observations from above the rim and mid-majors hiring of older coaches

The guys from “Observations From Above the Rim” (a Charlotte Observer sports blog) made an interesting observation concerning mid-major schools hiring older coaches (i.e. CofC hiring Cremins who is 60 and Coastal Carolina hiring Cliff Ellis who is 61) it makes sense to get a coach who knows how to deal with the media (read: media exposure) and who has instant name recognition.

Of course, both points are quite valid, but they did leave out one major point: many coaches leave the “big schools” well before their coaching years are over. Normally this is due to not getting along with the Administration, the Boosters or the Media-especially after hitting a few “bumps in the road”. Having spoken to Coach Cremins on numerous occasions, you could tell that he truly missed the game, the interaction with “kids”, teaching and the thrill that only competition can provide. Coach just turned 60, which might be old for the big programs, but it is young for the rest of us-including mid-majors.

Friday, July 13, 2007

College of Charleston Basketball: 2007-2008 Schedule

Coach Cremins' sophomore season at the helm of the College of Charleston looks interesting. The Cougs will head to the Big Apple to face Fordham (Cougs are 1-0 vs the Rams) and San Juan, Puerto Rico to face the likes of Arkansas, East-Tenn., Houston, Miami, Providence, Temple and VCU. The SoCon added two games this season and we kick off conference play at West-Carolina on December 1st. Our conference home-opener will be against App. State on January 3rd.

2007-2008-CofC Basketball Schedule
Nov. 10 at UNC Wilmington
Nov. 15-18 at San Juan Shootout
Nov. 24 at Fordham
Nov. 28 Charleston Southern (North Charleston Coliseum)
Dec. 1 at Western Carolina
Dec. 15 at Chattanooga
Dec. 18 at Florida State
Dec. 22 at South Carolina
Dec. 29 Mercer (CofC Classic)
Dec. 30 James Madison/S.C. State (CofC Classic)
Jan. 3 Appalachian State
Jan. 5 Elon
Jan. 10 at Georgia Southern
Jan. 14 at The Citadel
Jan. 17 Wofford
Jan. 19 at Furman
Jan. 24 UNC Greensboro
Jan. 26 Davidson
Jan. 28 at Wofford
Feb. 2 The Citadel
Feb. 7 at Appalachian State
Feb. 9 at Davidson
Feb. 14 Chattanooga
Feb. 16 Western Carolina
Feb. 20 at Elon
Feb. 25 at UNC Greensboro
Feb. 28 Georgia Southern
Mar. 1 Furman
Mar. 7-10 SoCon Tournament (North Charleston Coliseum) The 2007-2008 Southern Conference basketball tournament will be held March 7-10 at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Who should fill the A.D. position at the College of Charleston? Gene Sapakoff thinks he has it answered.

The Post & Courier’s Gene Sapakoff has an interesting proposal for the Athletic Director’s vacancy at the College of Charleston.

Who should fill the spot left vacant by Jerry Baker? “No one”, Sapakoff suggests following the Modus-operandi of Vandy (which canceled their athletic department all together and have coaches deal directly with the administrative deans). Sapakoff’s suggests that without a football team, and with talented, “marquee”, head-coaches and the George Street “brain-trust” (Kresse, Ciuffo, Daniels and Evans) the College of Charleston doesn’t need an A.D.

Perhaps Sapakopff is over simplifying things here or perhaps not, I must admit, I am not totally sold on the idea (despite Sappy’s generous selections for the usage of the extra $150,000. As usual, I’d love to hear from you about this, so please leave your opinions in the comment section.

Click here for Gene Sapakoff’s article.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Coach!

As the Nation turns 231, Coach Bobby Cremins turns 60! Happy Birthday Coach! We hope you don't consider this old enough to retire.

Photo credits, Jim Trabert taken in 2006 at the CofC vs U of Kentucky game.