Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry Maroon Nation, but I have to call it quits! But I offer an opportunity!

It's funny when I started this thing back when I was just a young graduate of the College of Charleston my main reason was that the Davidson Wildcats had their own basketball blog click here for the link and that the College wasn't (let's say) doing their best at updating basketball news. (Click here to see my first post & my intentions). My counterpart created his blog DavidsonBasketball.blogspot.com with mainly the same agenda: to have a place where fans can get the info, talk about the team, recruits, etc. (Full Disclosure: I met the writer over there a while back at one of our games and he is a cool guy).

I digress; there is a progression in every person's life where things that were once important to you (i.e. going to Bobby Cremins coach talk at George's Sports Bar, spending countless nights surfing the web: wondering if we will get that JuCo transfer or that hot handed kid from Stone Mountain, Georgia) somehow become less important to you as you move forward with your career and relationships. I wanted to hang up my spurs on this blog for a few years: mainly because the College of Charleston's Sports page got better, Facebook keeps everyone in contact now and I just didn't have time anymore. Sadly, I missed posting much about Goudelock's NBA career with the Lakers and then his work to make the team again-he's playing in Russia now and I wish him the best of luck. And yes, Brett Gardner is still making it happen on the diamond for the Yankees. And the College joining the Colonial League should have been discussed but I think we did that when Gene Spakoff's article came out years ago.

An Opportunity for an aspiring blogger or sports-writer
When I decided to call it quits, I thought to leave the door opened to see if there was an interested student who needed to have some writing examples for his future career. So, I offer this opportunity to any (preferably) students who would like to continue the CofC Sports Fan blog. I am willing to hand over the reigns and then as time passes, I would hope you would give another student the same opportunity. Leave me a message, in the message of this post, if you are interested. If not, well, we had a good run here at the CofC SportsFan! Cheers!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Clemson beats Georgia for the first time since 1990

Indeed, I had to mention Clemson's victory over the Georgia Bulldogs last night! Georgia's defense was aggressive & stingy for being as young as they are. The Bulldogs' offense was solid & what you would expect from a top 5 team. That being said, Clemson is legit! I'm not a Clemson fan, I know a lot of you are but I have to admit, Clemson is legit! They have the speed & now thanks to Offensive Coach Chad Morris the offensive plan & schemes to take on anyone in their conference.

Glad it is back
Clemson & Georgia used to play every year (it seemed) and I told
a Clemson Fan friend-of-mine that in order for Clemson to be taken seriously each year they needed to play a team like Georgia every year! And now, Clemson is being taken seriously!